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Post by jo on Fri Mar 13, 2009 4:35 pm

The AERC forum is for AERC members. It allows members from all over the UK to communicate with each other. When registering, please use your name and not an alias name.

The following rules apply.

Admin and Moderaters reserve the right to move, merge, or delete any post or thread on the forum eg: off topic, violates rules etc. If a topic or post is deleted, you will be informed of the action via PM. The action of Admin or Moderaters are final.


Topics relating to Brmingham Rollers/ pigeons, and also topics not related to pigeons posted in the appropriate forum.

Debates handled in a tactful and respectable manner.


Foul/obscene language, abusive behaviour to other users, or acting in a manner which may prove offensive to other users such as: vulgar, crude, sexist, racist, homophobic remarks.

Insultive posts which mock individuals. Threatening posts to another individual.

Pornography and pornographic pictures/images/videos or any type of sexually explicit or suggestive comments, remarks, cartoons, jokes or any simliar content.

Slanderous comments.

Posting of names of fanciers not involved in forum discussions unless no longer living, is, or has been a public figure by role or position in a local or national club/asociation, or considered an expert, or has written an article that has been published

Pictures, plans or descriptions of traps intended to catch protected birds of prey . General discussion of birds of prey and current problems are allowed

Members are asked to respect the copyright articles or pctures other individuals, groups or organisations and should not:
1: re-print material where it is expressly forbidden.
2: publish plagarised information or pictures in their own name.

The AERC is not repsonsible for your posts, therefore, takes no resposnbility for the accuracy of any posts. You are legally, morally and ethically responsible for your posts. Please think before you post.

Violation of the rules will result in:-
1: Warning
2: 30 day ban
3: Persistant abuse of the rules will result in permanent expulsion from the forum.

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